APIN PUBLIC HEALTH INITIATIVES is a leading public health NGO in Nigeria that is committed to reduced disease burden and impact mitigation. APIN is well positioned to provide prevention, care and treatment services to patients with HIV/AIDS and other diseases of public health significance including TB, Malaria, Sexual and Reproductive health, Maternal and Neonatal health and Non-communicable Diseases.


Competent, reputable and interested vendors are hereby invited to complete their registration forms online and upload prequalification documents to be registered for eligibility to participate in APIN’s competitive Procurement process


Our service requirements cover the following areas:


Complete all required field and upload all requested prequalification documents


  1. Complete online Registration Form
  2. Evidence of registration with CAC (Certificate of Incorporation)
  3. Particulars of Directors- form CAC 7
  4. Upload Particulars of Directors- form CAC 7
  5. Statement of share capital & allotment – Form CAC 2
  6. Company Memo & Article of association
  7. Summarized Company profile not more than 10 pages containing verifiable business addresses, locations of offices, contact details (emails, website addresses, phone numbers etc.) brief overview of the company, administrative structure and brief profiles of the key staff/Directors
  8. Most recent tax clearance certificates (at least 2 Years)
  9. Most recent Company’s Audited Statement of Account (atleast 2 years only)
  10. Verifiable list & proofs of similar jobs successfully executed and values
  11. Bank Reference Letter (must include Bank details like Account name, Account number, Sort code, Swift code, Branch address, type of accounts etc.).
  12. Any other relevant information (e.g. registration with relevant professional or regulatory bodies/Manufacturers authorization information etc.).


  1. APIN Public Health Initiatives reserves the right to reject or accept any or all pre-qualification submissions
  2. APIN Public Health Initiatives will not enter into any correspondence with vendors on why their companies/firms were pre-qualified or not pre-qualified.
  3. This is not an invitation to tender and as such response to this invitation should not be construed or taken as a commitment on the part of APIN, nor shall it entitle any company to make any claims whatsoever or seek any indemnity from the organization


Upon completion of filing the online registration form and upload of all required documents, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your applications. Your submission will be reviewed and you will be notified of subsequent actions (acceptance or rejection of registration)

For more enquiries & clarification, please send email to

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